Daily Practice Assignments

There are multiple daily practice assignments in each week of your course. These assignments comprise the majority of your course's homework. Spend some time every day working on daily practice assignments.

Your daily practice assignments are not like traditional homework. Each assignment is a learning tool which continuously adapts to your strengths and weaknesses. You will receive extra practice and hints on any topics you are learning for the first time.

Your instructor will assign you points based on your performance. Visit the eCampus Assignments section to view your points.

How are my assignments graded?
How are my assignments graded?

Your assignment score is an average of the scores for each section in that assignment.

Your section score is based on the number of skills you have mastered in that section.

  • If you master all of the skills in your assignment, your score for that assignment is 100%.
  • If you cannot master a few skills, you will still receive partial credit for the skills you attempted.

If all of your Skillometer dials are green for a particular section by the due date, you will receive a perfect score on that section.

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